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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Gig

now that I have blogged once, I want to do it more... maybe this is like Pinterest or Twitter... you pin or tweet once, and then you find yourself constantly churning your brain over and over about it. Silly, I know. I can't believe how dependent I and most of the world have become on social media and such. Granted, I find myself lucky because I can find as much entertainment in a good old fashioned book as I can in who is dating who and who went on what vaca with what slorebag last month. Some people just aren't that cool. Sucks to be them I suppose.

On a different note, I have come to the conclusion that one of my best traits, so I believe, is my ability to rant like hell. I do it humorusly, with some inappropriateness and hatefulness, with a dash of vengance and a pinch of sass. So from now on, I will do a weekly "Somebody has to say it..." and say what everyone else is thinking but is quite too cowardly to say. I believe this could get interesting.... now if only I had readers... ;)

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