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Thursday, January 19, 2012

You Ain't No Genius

Ok sooo people in highschool, college, or those who have ever been in either, will understand what I mean when I say... SHUT THE HELL UP!!! Every class has that one person who knows EVERYTHING. Or they think they do. I cannot tell you how often I want to throw my Perry and Potter textbook in the back of this lady's head. First of all, why in the world are you not a nurse already if you know everything? Better yet, why aren't YOU my nursing instructor?? BECAUSE YOU ARE A MORON. I hate when people insist on speaking up and asking questions or making comments on everything. "well, where I work..."

 nobody ASKED about where you work, which husband you are on now, who your momma is, what kind of hamster you own, what color socks you knitted, what type of soup you prefer, or jack-shit about you.

Sit down, open your book, and shut YOUR MOUTH.


I Got Lost

I said I was going to keep this running in a timely fashion, and oops I have failed already. Oh well.

Christmas has come and gone, which was a relief yet sad. My daughter is at the perfect age to get so into the idea of Santa and presents, so it was so magical for her. Spreading the "reindeer food" aka glitter and oats in the front yard and setting out homemade cinnamon bread instead of cookies... she loved every second of it! Look how adorable we are!!

A few weeks came and went after Christmas, until a super sad day arrived. My best friend of 13+ years shipped out for the Army. She has her bachelor's in art but couldn't figure out what path she wanted to take in life, so she signed up and shipped out. I admire her strength and free spirit. Of course, Riley cried her little heart out over DaDa Brittany leaving (yes she calls her DaDa Brittany), but I reassured her that we could write letters and they could be pen-pals... which dried up all tears very quickly :) well, except for mine. I put on my big girl panties and didn't cry in front of Britt but I sure let loose in the car. She will be at bootcamp for 8 weeks, then off to Arizona for her special training. She'll be doing undercover Human Special Intelligence work... my best friend, the spy. Wah ha haaaa (evil laugh).

We go way back. Waaaaaay back. And I will miss her dearly! Love you my sweet BLT!

Over and out.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa Owes Me

Last night, my 5 year old daughter received a phone call... from SANTA! Actually, it was my best friend at work, Heather...

pretending to be Santa. Wait, if you don't believe you don't receive, so maybe it really was Santa, I don't know. Anyways, Riley told "Santa" she wanted a Justin Bieber doll. FIRST, I've heard of this. And of course, "Santa" aka Heather, told Riley that he/she would DEFINITELY bring her one on Christmas morning. Again, first I had heard of such requested gift.

Riley went to bed talking about Bieber, and woke up talking about Bieber.

Therefore, being the awesome momma I am, I braved the awful ridiculous crowd at Wal-Mart this morning to track down a shaggy haired, girly voiced, hunk of plastic so my sweet girl would not be disappointed when "Santa" didn't provide the highly desired toy that he/she promised her.

In other words, Santa/Heather Bundy, you owe me $18.88

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a Bieberlicious goodnight! ;)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Gig

now that I have blogged once, I want to do it more... maybe this is like Pinterest or Twitter... you pin or tweet once, and then you find yourself constantly churning your brain over and over about it. Silly, I know. I can't believe how dependent I and most of the world have become on social media and such. Granted, I find myself lucky because I can find as much entertainment in a good old fashioned book as I can in who is dating who and who went on what vaca with what slorebag last month. Some people just aren't that cool. Sucks to be them I suppose.

On a different note, I have come to the conclusion that one of my best traits, so I believe, is my ability to rant like hell. I do it humorusly, with some inappropriateness and hatefulness, with a dash of vengance and a pinch of sass. So from now on, I will do a weekly "Somebody has to say it..." and say what everyone else is thinking but is quite too cowardly to say. I believe this could get interesting.... now if only I had readers... ;)

Losing My Blogging Virginity

Well, I have never blogged until this second. I randomly decided that I wanted to start a blog, and a dear friend of mine said I would ignore my blog like I ignore her phone calls, texts, tweets, ect. So... I am out to prove her wrong! :)

take THAT Manda Ala!!