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Thursday, January 19, 2012

You Ain't No Genius

Ok sooo people in highschool, college, or those who have ever been in either, will understand what I mean when I say... SHUT THE HELL UP!!! Every class has that one person who knows EVERYTHING. Or they think they do. I cannot tell you how often I want to throw my Perry and Potter textbook in the back of this lady's head. First of all, why in the world are you not a nurse already if you know everything? Better yet, why aren't YOU my nursing instructor?? BECAUSE YOU ARE A MORON. I hate when people insist on speaking up and asking questions or making comments on everything. "well, where I work..."

 nobody ASKED about where you work, which husband you are on now, who your momma is, what kind of hamster you own, what color socks you knitted, what type of soup you prefer, or jack-shit about you.

Sit down, open your book, and shut YOUR MOUTH.


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